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We believe virtual teamwork can be equally rewarding as co-located teamwork. In Nomadic's virtual team coaching interventions we support these teams on their journey to high performance.

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Why virtual team coaching?

Teams that are spread out across geographies, time zones and cultures face different challenges than co-located teams. In Nomadic's virtual team coaching interventions we support these teams on their journey to high performance.

Typical challenges for virtual teams:

  • How do we increase the trust level?
  • How do we communicate across the different time zones?
  • What communication tools do we use for what purposes?

In virtual teams it is easy for misunderstandings to occur. Conflict lurks closely under the surface. Building 'virtual closeness' is necessary to make team members commit to the team and its purpose in order to become a high performing team. A key pitfall for globally dispersed teams is to disengage mentally and emotionally; this is the first step on the road to failure. It can also lead to an 'us and them' culture, where different employees from different locations feel disconnected from each other. We see many virtual teams struggling with engagement and connection.

virtual team coaching

An optimistic outlook

We are optimistic. We believe virtual teamwork can be equally rewarding as co-located teamwork. Working virtually is not second best and that is the premise that we work from.

Coaching of virtual teams can strengthen virtual team leadership and increase engagement by building virtual closeness. Also, it can help create smart use of communication technology: what technology works  best for which task? This way we can help to optimise the balance between synchronous and asynchronous tools used within a virtual team.

We often include individual or team coaching in our virtual training programme designs. Coaching sessions dramatically increase the impact of any intervention, as it helps teams or individuals to apply learnings and achieve their personal development goals.

Our approach

Nomadic IBP follows the following team coaching process.

  • Interviews with team manager, members and stakeholders
  • Virtual team assessment (VPA)
  • Communication technology assessment
  • Feedback on virtual team coaching sessions in our virtual classroom
  • Impact measurement

Sample assignments

  • Supporting a R&D team of a pharmaceutical company that was spread over Switzerland and the United States in optimising communication and decreasing a strong 'us and them' dynamic.
  • Developing a team building strategy from the bottom up for an IT team of a global mining company in order to increase virtual closeness.
  • Supporting a globally dispersed action learning team of a French insurance company in delivering superior outcomes.
  • One on one coaching of executives in leading virtually.

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