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A Remote Team Simulation

Learn by doing and work together as a remote team in a virtual simulation.

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Why a remote team simulation?

The nature of work has changed. In todays's global economy, working in different locations, with different nationalities and across different time zones has become the norm for many of us. But working as a remote team has its own challenges. Experiential activities, such as simulations are a powerful source of learning about leadership and team skills. "WellBagged" is a simulation of geographically dispersed leadership team that allows people to learn from experience and reflect on it.




Nomadic's training programme: "A Remote Team Simulation" teaches you how to effectively lead a virtual team. In two 2-hour sessions up to 10 participants take the role of the senior leadership team members for a company handling airline luggage. Through the exercise and through guided reflection the participants learn to work on a task in a geographically dispersed team and learn what is important in leading the remote team members.


A Remote Team Simulation brings you:

  • 4 hours of live group sessions in Nomadic’s virtual classroom (2 sessions)
  • Small groups of 10 people (max.) from around the world
  • ‘Double level’ learning – our virtual classroom mirrors the virtual meetings environment


  • Increased performance, more focus on the team's task and result
  • Less time wasted on misunderstandings
  • Productive instead of destructive conflict
  • Improved communication and alignment between team members
  • Increased motivation for team members

Would you like to know more?

WellBagged Trainer License program

For trainers who wish to start using the WellBagged Simulation for their customers Nomadic IBP now offers the Simulation as a licensed Train the Trainer. In 3 sessions of 2 hours, you will experience the WellBagged Simulation, and then learn how to facilitate it yourself.

You will be a licensed WellBagged Simulation facilitator and get acces to the full facilitation package.

You can use the simulation as part of a remote team training for your clients, or as a stand alone module for teams who wish to gain a better understanding of the dynamics in their remote teamwork and improve their results.


You can download a brochure about the license training here

For the next open enrollment Trainer license program visit the calender

If the dates do not suit you, please contact us at


Building the virtual community is a fundamental leadership challenge and you are equipped to do this. Tony Russel, former director executive development at L’Oreal
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