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Mastering Interactive Webinars

Our vision is that online events can be meaningful, inspiring, impactful and fun.

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For Whom?

Nomadic IBP has good news for you: this winter we are launching our new training on ‘Mastering Interactive Webinars’.

Mastering Interactive Webinars (WIM) is suitable for HR Professionals, Facilitators, Trainers and Coaches that have a strong interest in enhancing virtual working skills.


The MIW programme aims at preparing you to design and deliver online events (webinars) to a large audience interactively. This means you’ll learn how to design effective interactive webinars.

This training happens in the virtual classroom so you'll get immediate practice. It consists of 3 sessions of 2 hours each facilitated by one of Nomadic's senior online training experts as well as two practice sessions with other participants.

From the training course you'll learn the following:

  • Starting a webinar: Preparation - checklists
  • Mastering technology: preparation, role of the producer and having a disaster recovery plan
  • Toolbox for high level of engagement: everything from Annotation to Zen online
  • Principles of adult learning: creating engagement in large group sessions
  • How to build ‘virtual closeness’: making your participants experience a sense of intimacy despite being remote
  • Scripting a webinar session and preparing materials.

In between the synchronous learning sessions there will be small group assignments and individual practice sessions.

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Our team will have more effective communication, which is directly profitable in how we deal with customers. Training participant
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