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Leading Virtual Meetings

Learn and practise the simple skills you need to get the best from your virtual meetings.

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Why lead virtual meetings?

Managed well, virtual meetings can be both effective and highly economical. You can meet and work at any time with colleagues globally, saving significantly in travel, time and accommodation costs. However, whether you use simple or sophisticated technology, and communicate ‘remotely’ often or very little – the chances are that running virtual meetings is not something you enjoy.



Nomadic's training programme: Leading Virtual Meetings teaches you how to effectively run online meetings. Whether your participants are spread across the globe or a few kilometres up the road, you can create a positive, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels involved and energized, just as they would if you met them face-to-face. Say goodbye to your fears, learn and practise the simple skills you need to get the best from your virtual meetings. And have fun learning!


Leading virtual teams brings you:

  • 6 hours of live group sessions in Nomadic’s virtual classroom (4 sessions)
  • Regular practice throughout the programme
  • Small groups of 10 people (max.) from around the world
  • Knowledge and direct experience of several technology platforms
  • Individual learning assignments
  • ‘Double level’ learning – our virtual classroom mirrors the virtual meetings environment


Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Chair virtual meetings with skill and confidence
  • Choose and use the most appropriate technology
  • Manage group dynamics
  • Cope with virtual ‘etiquette’
  • Create an engaging, friendly and highly productive meeting environment.

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We had a very good experience during the training, my colleagues and myself are really happy with what we learned! Training participant, Global Reporting Initiative
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