Our Team

The Nomadic IBP team is geographically dispersed with a home base in the Netherlands. The team consists of business psychologists and senior facilitators across Europe, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. All Nomadic consultants have experience of working with major corporations internationally and our services are available in 18 languages. As psychologists, Nomadic IBP adheres to the highest ethical standards and our methods are rooted in science. We are accredited for a wide variety of psychometric tools including personality assessment, cross cultural competence and 360 feedback.

Our portfolio includes accredited train the trainer programmes for the virtual classroom and webinar facilitators. In addition, we have programmes for virtual team leaders and members on remote working, cross cultural communication,  (online) presentations and many other skills.

All our programmes are highly interactive with ample opportunity to practice new skills in small groups in a safe environment, and can be adapted in content, frequency and duration to meet your needs.

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We support the following languages

Fredrik Fogelberg, founder and managing director

Fredrik Fogelberg is a chartered Organisational Psychologist specializing in leadership development and team facilitation in international organizations. He has over 30 years of international experience in the corporate world and as a consultant. He worked as a corporate trainer and training manager for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and was responsible for talent management at Nike Europe. Since 1996, he has been managing partner of Nomadic. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography.


Linda Voorthuis, Office Manager

Linda Voorthuis studied theatre, film and television at the University of Amsterdam. She started her career in the audiovisual media, working in the broadcast newsroom as a video editor. She then worked for a large international NGO in the communications department, making news, promotional and educational video’s. Since 2009, she is Nomadic IBP’s office manager. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Shelley Janna MacDonald, Senior Facilitator, Virtual classroom producer

Shelley’s career in the field of learning and performance has spanned over thirty years, as well as two continents. Twenty of those years were spent in Europe, where Shelley was based in Munich, Germany. Today she is the Principal of Culture & Communication and lives in Reno, Nevada. She holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on online teaching and learning and is a pioneer ATD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Lies Wouters, Senior Facilitator 

Lies is an organizational psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. She has worked as a commercial manager for many years in an international environment before she took a deep dive into psychology. Now she combines her experience having worked as a manager herself and her knowledge of positive psychology research to help organizations grow and flourish. Lies is a specialist in the virtual classroom and is a highly experienced online producer, designer and facilitator. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography.

Jude Tavanyar, Senior Facilitator

Jude Tavanyar is a communications specialist, ICF-certified coach and leadership trainer who has designed and delivered coaching and training programmes for senior leaders globally since 1987. A freelance journalist and family psychotherapist by background, she worked as a communications executive in UK national organisations. She has been an Associate with Nomadic IBP since 2000, and with other global executive education agencies such as INSEAD and Centre for Creative Leadership. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Mara Garofalo, Senior Facilitator

Specializes in executive coaching, management training and leadership development, and has clients based throughout Europe. Mara is of Italian origin, was raised in Argentina and has lived in France, Egypt, and Peru and has been living in Belgium for the last 17 years. Her diverse background and work experience provides her with great insight into cross-cultural understanding and communication. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed Bio. 

Isabelle Demangeat, Senior Facilitator

Isabelle Demangeat is a senior consultant, trainer and coach working with executives and international teams, specializing in global leadership and international talent management . She has 20 years of experience in the corporate world. Over the years, she commuted between France, Italy and Germany. She worked in the German and the French speaking parts of Switzerland for a manufacturing company and took the role of Diversity Manager at Allianz Lebensversicherung in Germany before she founded her own consultancy. Using new technologies and online tools for high quality communication has become her passion. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

George Quek, Senior Facilitator

Since 2004, George has been providing facilitation, coaching and consulting solutions in leadership development, coaching/mentoring, change, influencing and conflict resolution. He is a Board Certified Coach and a Master Trainer for psychometric tools like the Workplace Big Five Profile, DISC, and Change/Influencing/Decision Style Indicator. Prior to this, George had over 15 years of senior leadership experience with various Fortune 500 and regional multi-national corporations. He is also the author of the book “Service Unusual” on service leadership that had been translated into 3 languages. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Gerard Coops, Senior Facilitator

Gerard Coops has a Ph.D. in physics and he worked as a researcher for Dutch-based TNO, the largest industrial research institute in Europe. He held several management positions including Director for a cluster of institutes, and Director of Human Resources. Inspired by a leadership course he attended, he decided to make a significant career change and started his own company. He worked with a large number of multi-cultural teams of top- and mid-level managers and coached about 3000 individuals throughout the world. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Jacqui Craig, Senior Facilitator

Jacqui Craig has held senior positions with Federal Express, ODI (Europe) and British Telecommunications. She is a facilitator, trainer and executive coach working with senior leaders. Jacqui is accredited in EQ, Hogan and is a Team Alchemy Master Facilitator. She works with a global client base that includes the banking sector, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consulting, accountancy, health care, telecommunications and transport. Her style is energetic, fun, engaging and challenging. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Jose Ferreira-Filho, Senior Facilitator

José Ferreira-Filho, Brazilian based in Singapore, comes from a Clinical Psychology background. As an Executive Coach, he works in the areas of leadership development, team effectiveness, global and cross-cultural leadership, executive and career coaching. Jose has delivered programs and worked with executives in South America, U.S., throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography.

Julie Johnson, Senior Facilitator

Since 1993, Julie has worked with a large number of multi-cultural teams and groups of top- and mid-level managers on their key leadership challenges. She has coached thousands of executives throughout the world. She is a MCC (Master certified coach) with the International Coaching federation (ICF). Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 

Marieke de Boer, Facilitator

Marieke de Boer coaches and trains executives, professionals and teams. With her background as a drama teacher, she specializes in Executive presence, presentation and non-verbal communication. She has developed an innovative blended learning program on presentation skills, training clients both in online and F2F presentations. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed Bio. 

Tao Yue, Facilitator

Tao Yue is an intercultural trainer specializing in improving organizational success in China. Active in the field for over 10 years, she has worked with companies such as Shell, Siemens, Bosch, L’Oreal and Air France KLM. She is also the Managing Editor at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Case Development Centre, and has worked as an International Programmes Manager at Leiden University, a journalist at Agence France Presse (Shanghai), and an editor at Bertelsmann China. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a detailed biography.

Sarbari Dasgupta Gomes, Facilitator

Sarbari is a Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator and a Psychotherapist, based in Bangalore. She specialises in Leadership Development, Organisational Effectiveness and team growth. She has over 20 years of experience with the corporate world as well as with communities and groups. Sarbari has a special interest in Diversity and Inclusion. Click on the LinkedIn icon for a more detailed biography. 


Sushil Jhangiani, Facilitator

Sushil Jhangiani (MBA) is a consultant specialized in coaching senior corporate executives and facilitating corporate leadership teams. He has over 25 years of business experience across countries and cultures. He has worked as a marketing professional with global consumer marketing companies such as The Procter and Gamble Company and Reckitt Benckiser plc., across Asia, Europe and North America. For a more detailed biography, please click on the LinkedIn button.

Masako Kato, Facilitator

Masako Kato is a cross-cultural trainer, executive coach and facilitator. She is an accredited coach with ICF.  Originally from Japan and based in the Netherlands, she is specialized in effective cross-cultural collaboration with an emphasis on Japanese team members.

Dani Márquez-Piris, Virtual classroom producer

Daniel Márquez (MA)  studied Psychology, Linguistics and Spanish Language Teaching at Barcelona University. He has worked as a translator, writer and producing subtitles. In 2016 he entered the field of Learning and Development, where he helps organizations to develop their learning and training programmes.

David Fogelberg, Virtual classroom producer

David is excited about introducing people to the world of online working in his role of producer. He studied in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and is currently doing a Masters in Chinese- European Business & Economics in Berlin and Chengdu.  Studying and working with people from all over the world has enabled him to develop his intercultural skills and master several languages including Mandarin.

Lucy Kingma, Virtual classroom producer

Lucy is a student and is excited to connect people on digital platform spaces to drive business. She grew up in The Netherlands and is now a student at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. She is bilingual in Dutch and English and enjoys the cultural diversity between the two countries.

Peggy, Pei-Chun Hsieh, Virtual classroom producer

Peggy graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a Master of Business degree, major in International Business. She is an experienced higher education project manager with strong knowledge in cultural diversity, event management (Physical and Virtual), and international collaboration. Her greatest joy is to support and bring the best experience to the learning environment.

Alexis Gozard | IBP Virtual Classroom Producer

Alexis Gozard, Virtual classroom producer

Alexis is a highly experienced online producer with a vast knowledge of the most used online conferencing platforms. He has lived and worked globally and speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. With his technical background Alexis is a trusted support for any online facilitator.

Hugo Amoedo, Virtual classroom producer

Hugo Amoedo has a degree in Journalism (UCM Madrid) and a Master in Film (Luca School of Arts Brussels). He is an Audiovisual Facilitator with a long experience working for European institutions.
He loves supporting online meetings and trainings, because it gives him the possibility to e-meet new people and work in different cultural environments. Also a filmmaker, Hugo has directed several short films and he is currently working on his first documentary feature film.

Jim Frey, Virtual classroom producer

Jim spent most of his career as an EMT and a Public Safety Dispatcher. He now lives in Florida with his wife and dogs and enjoys his work as a virtual classroom producer.
He enjoys supporting virtual trainings because he gets to meet people from around the globe and learn new information and current trends in healthcare and other fields.

Executive Coaches

Aliya Kusepgalieva

Moscow based executive coach and facilitator specialized in leadership development & personal effectiveness.

Andrew Miser

Based in Boston, Andrew coaches executives in self-awareness, relationship development and leadership capacity.

Fernando Lanzer

Brazilian, based in the Netherlands , Fernando specialises in Leadership Development, Transcultural Management and Organisational Culture.

Inge Simons

Inge is a seasoned executive coach (MCC) who works with leaders and leadership teams at c-level through to generation Y across different industries and geographies. She lives in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium

Linda Blokland

Linda is an executive coach with global experience and I draw from a background in psychology and human assessment. She lives in Johannesburg.

Martha Miser

Martha is a consultant and coach who specializes in leadership and change for purpose-driven companies. Martha lives in Boston. 

Martina Wolfowa

Martina lives in Prague and as an executive coach helps companies and individuals with executive, team and organisational development.

Phil Donnison

Phil is a psychologist, based in the UK who works internationally as a coach with high achievers in their chosen field. He has a special interest in helping clients to build a healthier lifestyle.

Servaas van Beekum

Servaas is an executive coach based in Sydney, specializing in board room dynamics, both on a conscious and an unconscious level.

Susumu Araki

Susumu is an executive coach who lives in Japan and provides clients with deep insights on ‘being’;  that is: values, beliefs and missions. His work is based on a vast experience as an executive, combined with Zen meditation practices.

Polly Archer

Polly is a seasoned International Executive Coach and Leadership Team Facilitator based in Dubai.  She combines her extensive coaching & corporate experience with a passion for supporting and challenging her clients to fully ‘live’ their potential and expand their reach.