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Working across time zones and cultures? Boost your Virtual Team's performance with our online interactive training programmes.

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Why virtual team training?

The nature of work has changed. In today’s global economy, working in different locations with different nationalities and across different time zones has become the norm for many of us. We work closely together with others whom we may have never met face to face. Many global teams are not using their full potential. With the interactive online training programmes offered by Nomadic IBP, you can boost your Virtual Team performance.



Our programmes consist of a series of online group training sessions that discuss different topics related to virtual teamwork, for example:

  • Virtual etiquette
  • Virtual communication & technology
  • Building relationships virtually
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Trust & conflict in virtual space


The following features make the training solutions offered by Nomadic IBP one of a kind:

  • Interactive and engaging programmes: unlike traditional webinars, our training sessions are designed to be highly engaging and interactive by making full use of the virtual classroom features.
  • Double level learning: as the training takes place in a virtual classroom, participants learn not only from what is presented but also from how things are run in the virtual environment and from working together virtually with team members.
  • Customized designs: our training programmes are designed to address the specific needs of the client. These designs consist of 2 hour sessions, each dedicated to a specific aspect of virtual teamwork.
  • Research based content: the session content is based on the most recent research on effective virtual teamwork.
  • Cross cultural expertise: an international team of facilitators and coaches who are experts in working virtually and across cultures will share first-hand experiences with the participants.
  • Accessible from anywhere: since our virtual training programmes take place completely online, it is possible to join these sessions from any location.
  • Cost effective: virtual training programmes do not require any travelling; this puts less strain on participants, the environment and your budget.


This is how your team and organisation will benefit:

  • Increased performance, more focus on the team’s tasks and results
  • Less time wasted on misunderstandings
  • Productive instead of destructive conflict
  • Better use of talent, knowledge and experience across the organisation
  • More alignment between team members
  • Increased motivation for team members


At Nomadic we evaluate each delivered programme at Kirkpatick’s Model Level 1; this measures the participants' first reaction to the learning event. We have developed a process for Level 3 evaluation which answers the question to what degree participants apply learnings on the job. This can be included upon request.

Why choose Nomadic IBP?

Nomadic IBP offers:

  • Cutting edge content and knowledge when it comes to virtual teamwork
  • Completely online programmes (or a combination of virtual and f2f delivery)
  • Business school quality at half the price
  • Cross cultural knowledge on over 20 countries and services offered in over 20 languages

Would you like to know more?

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  • E-mail us at to discuss the many possibilities


Your questions, online polls and exercises were very varied and provided the way to very interesting conversations. For me, this was not only a virtual team training, it was also team coaching as we learned to work in the virtual space. Training participant, AXA
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