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Train the Online Trainer - Virtual Facilitation Skills

The tools of the trade. Facilitate online sessions in an interactive way and learn what’s needed to do the job. For facilitators, coaches and trainers.

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Why Train the Online Trainer?

More and more clients expect from trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants that they can offer their services virtually/online. Providing synchronous online training is in many ways fundamentally different than face to face training, and requires specific skills from the facilitator. Being unfamiliar with online facilitation, fear of technology, or simply not knowing where to start, may all be barriers to providing online training.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate from Nomadic IBP. With this certificate, ICF members will be able to claim the following CCE credits: 

CCE Category


ICF Core Competencies


Resource Development 



For NIP registered psychologists in the Netherlands this program will grant you 8 Permanent Education (PE) points.



At Nomadic we have years of experience when it comes to delivering virtual training sessions. We do this differently than most other providers. No death by PowerPoint or one way webinars. We have created a methodology for designing and facilitating virtual sessions that is based on interactivity and engagement. And we are now sharing this methodology in our online training programme, Virtual Facilitation Skills. These are some of the topics this training deals with:

  • Getting comfortable with technology
  • Designing and facilitating for interactivity
  • Finding your authentic virtual facilitation style
  • Building relationships and trust virtually


The Train the Online Facilitator training is very interactive and set up to provide theory as well as hands on practice:

  • 8 virtual sessions of 2 hours each, with homework before each session
  • All participants design & facilitate their own practice session
  • Small groups, where you get ample feedback from your peers and facilitators
  • Expert guest speakers on several topics


Learning Virtual Facilitation Skills can greatly expand your market and boost your business!

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Successfully facilitate online sessions in an interactive, spontaneous way
  • Design interactive online sessions
  • Comfortably handle online training technology
  • Influence virtual group dynamics in a constructive way
  • Apply the tricks of the trade.


At Nomadic we evaluate each programme at level 1 of Kirkpatick’s evaluation model (post-event participant reaction). On request we also measure impact on a behavioural level (Kirkpatrick level 3). This is done pre- and post-programme, as well as 3 months after completion of the training.

Why choose Nomadic IBP?

Nomadic IBP offers:

  • Cutting edge content and knowledge when it comes to virtual teamwork
  • Completely online programmes (or a combination of virtual and f2f delivery)
  • Business school quality at half the price
  • Cross cultural knowledge on over 20 countries and services offered in over 20 languages

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This has been a really excellent experience, and it has opened my eyes to the wonderful potential of this way of working. Training participant
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