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Train the Online Producer - Virtual Producer Skills -

Master the technology and concepts behind the successful and seamless execution of a virtual session.

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 Why virtual producer skills?

Being able to facilitate a virtual meeting or training well is one thing, but taking on the additional demands of managing the technical side of a live online session is often just too much for one person to handle. That’s why the role of a producer to support both participants and facilitator(s) is becoming more and more in demand. This programme enables individuals to master the technology and concepts behind the successful and seamless execution of a virtual session. 



At Nomadic we have years of experience in producing supportive and successful synchronous virtual sessions. Now we want to pass this experience on to you. In this highly experiential virtual programme consisting of four customisable two hour sessions, you will learn to use all the tools you need, both technical and instructional, to conduct and support impactful meetings and training sessions. Upon completion of this new and innovative programme, you will be familiar with the roles, responsibilities and tasks of a producer, and you will be able to perform all the primary Webex functions that ensure smooth support for an online session.


The Train the Online Producer programme focuses on providing hands-on practice and a solid technical and instructional knowledge base. The virtual sessions are supported by asynchronous (between sessions) assignments for all participants, providing learning opportunities, theory and ideas for individual development. The programme offers the following:

  • Offline asynchronous learning combined with synchronous practical ‘live’ group work
  • Small group learning experience – maximum of 8 participants
  • Entirely delivered online via WebEx Training Centre
  • Customised, experiential learning with practice opportunities throughout
  • A personal development project for each participant with detailed feedback on their results


The demand for well-honed producer skills is rapidly growing. At the conclusion of this program, you will have the knowledge and foundational skills necessary to expertly produce all virtual sessions with WebEx (or similar web-conferencing platforms) in any organization. Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Perform the technical and instructional primary responsibilities and tasks the producer takes on before, during, and after a synchronous virtual session
  • Successfully produce an online session in cooperation with a facilitator
  • Monitor the technical aspects of a virtual course, while keeping an eye on the input and engagement of the participants, as well as supporting the facilitator
  • Design checklists and scripts to assist you and the facilitator in optimizing your virtual sessions
  • Stay calm under stress and produce the best possible virtual sessions
  • Understand basic producer support and troubleshooting skills and when to apply them


At Nomadic we evaluate each programme at level 1 of Kirkpatick’s evaluation model (post-event participant reaction). On request we also measure impact on a behavioural level (Kirkpatrick level 3). This is done pre- and post-programme, as well as 3 months after completion of the training.

Why choose Nomadic IBP?

Nomadic IBP offers:

  • Cutting edge content and knowledge when it comes to virtual teamwork
  • Completely online programmes (or a combination of virtual and f2f delivery)
  • Business school quality at half the price
  • Cross cultural knowledge on over 20 countries and services offered in over 20 languages

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