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Leading Remote Teams – leading globally dispersed teams

The remote leader needs a different skillset than the leader operating in one location. We help remote leaders make the transition and build that skillset.

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Why Leading Remote Teams training?

Are you a leader of a globally dispersed team? Most leaders find this more complex than having all team members in one location. It’s a big step to make the transition to managing people who are at work while you are asleep. How do you track their performance? The CEO of a UK based IT company states ‘that distance amplifies leadership ability’ (Neil Gandhi). What he points out is that bad managers become really bad when leading remotely and really good managers can excel when leading in the virtual environment. 



The remote leader needs a different skillset than the leader operating in one location. The skillset of the remote leader includes: selecting the right technology for the task and using it smartly, building & mending relationships over distance, creating trust and defusing destructive conflict as well as managing performance remotely. As most dispersed teams are international by nature, cross cultural savvy is often required as well. Our business is to help remote leaders make the transition and build that skillset. We do this completely virtual, in small training groups, to mirror the actual virtual teams that you manage.


In our programmes you can expect:

  • Real time experience of a virtual team, as a member and as its temporary leader
  • State of the art research-based content from senior facilitators who have all worked and lived in multiple countries and are members of a virtual global team
  • Opportunity to practice, learn from successes and mistakes in a safe environment
  • One on one executive coaching from senior coaches in over 20 languages
  • A highly interactive virtual classroom (not a webinar environment) with a senior facilitator and a technical producer
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Programmes tailored to your organisation


After attending a programme on remote leadership, you will be:

  • Familiar with key aspects of leading remotely
  • Able to build a team over distance
  • Able to generate improved results from virtual teams
  • Leverage the unique advantages of virtual working
  • Better at managing a culturally diverse remote team

Also, you will enjoy remote leadership more than you did before. Guaranteed.


At Nomadic we evaluate each delivered programme at Kirkpatick’s Model Level 1; this measures the participants' first reaction to the learning event. We have developed a process for Level 3 evaluation which answers the question to what degree participants apply learnings on their job. This can be included upon request.

Why choose Nomadic IBP?

Nomadic IBP offers:

  • Cutting edge content and knowledge when it comes to virtual teamwork
  • Completely online programmes (or a combination of virtual and f2f delivery)
  • Business school quality at half the price
  • Cross cultural knowledge on over 20 countries and services offered in over 20 languages

Would you like to know more?

Building the virtual community is a fundamental leadership challenge and you are equipped to do this. Tony Russel, former director executive development at L’Oreal
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