Fredrik Fogelberg

Fredrik Fogelberg is a chartered Organisational Psychologist specializing in leadership development and team facilitation in international organizations. He has over 30 years of international experience in the corporate world and as a consultant.

The Times they are a’Changing

Dear Virtual FriendSorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while.  The truth is, I don’t seem to have time to do anything anymore.  Today was no different…. 

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Kenneth Reddy (Virtually a Leader) is on holiday

Dear Remote LeadersIt is my sad duty to inform you that Karlov, Kristoff or Konstantin – I never can remember the man’s name – is not here this month to send you his usual under-powered, misinformed and self-pitying comments about the life of a remote leader.  The truth is, he had become so overweight and unhealthy eating chicken nuggets and drinking incessantly and generally not doing a stroke of work that I decided to send him off to a health farm to do the ‘C Plan’ package – counselling, cosmetic surgery, crash diet – that he will need to restore him to any semblance of professional functionality.

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Hope Springs Infernal?

Dear Virtual FriendA gentle sunshine strokes my face and a light breeze caresses my lustrous hair. The fresh scent of cut grass fills my nostrils, and the sweet Spring air is filled with birdsong.  I lie back on the warm ground, and stretch out my lithe and muscular body..

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In Cyber Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Dear Virtual FriendMay I call you that?  I’ve no idea whether you’re reading this in Bombay , Barcelona or Basingstoke, but I need to feel someone out there, even a complete stranger whom I’m never met, actually cares about me.  Today my whole life was turned upside down, and I don’t know who I am anymore.  I feel like that chap in Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’, only I haven’t even turned into a beetle, but something much further down the insect pecking order –  a wood louse or carpet bug, perhaps.

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