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Nomadic IBP's senior consultants are based across Europe, in South East Asia and North America. Nomadic consultants all have vast experience of working with major corporations internationally, across many cultures and working virtually. Through our global network of consultants we can offer our services in over 20 languages.

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Fredrik Fogelberg, Founder, Principal Consultant

Fredrik Fogelberg is a chartered Organisational Psychologist specializing in leadership development and team facilitation in international organizations. He has over 20 years of international experience in the corporate world and as a consultant. He worked as a corporate trainer and training manager for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and was responsible for talent management at Nike Europe. For 13 years, he was a managing partner of Nomadic Life management consultants.
He has been an invited speaker at SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education and Research) conferences in France and Italy and conferences in the USA and the Netherlands on the Assessment Center Method.

  • What my clients say about me: Fredrik has the ability to combine great empathy with crystal clear feedback.
  • My key strength: Tuning in to clients from all corners of the world and from a variety of industries.
  • My favourite project: Designing and delivering a programme on cross cultural negotiation in a Dutch –Italian merger.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France and the Netherlands.
  • Languages I work in: Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • A key characteristic:Finding the balance between innovation and what has been proven effective by scientific research.

Linda Voorthuis, Office Manager

Linda Voorthuis studied theatre, film and television at the University of Amsterdam. She started her career in the audiovisual media, working in the broadcast newsroom as a video editor. She then worked for a large international NGO in the communications department, making news, promotional and educational video's. She is now Nomadic IBP's office manager and virtual training producer.

  • What our clients say about me: Pleasant to work with, professional and in control
  • My key strength: Versatility
  • My favourite project: I love any project that involves the dynamic of a group of people from different cultures and backgrounds, and creating something together.  I enjoy the possibilities as well as the challenges  of  working in a virtual environment.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: The Netherlands
  • Languages I work in: English, Dutch.
  • A key characteristic: A broad interest in people and their cultures.

Shelley Janna MacDonald, Facilitator, Producer

Shelley’s career in the field of learning and performance has spanned over thirty years, as well as two continents.  Twenty of those years were spent in Europe, where Shelley was based in Munich, Germany. Today she is the Principal of Culture & Communication and lives in Reno, Nevada. Shelley possesses extensive expertise in designing, developing, delivering, and managing professional development  and innovative training programs. She holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on online teaching and learning and is a pioneer ATD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance.

  • My key strength: Outstanding interpersonal and intercultural communicator
  • My favourite project: Who can name just one? I love any new challenge in the field of learning and performance!
  • Countries I have lived/worked in: In addition to living and working in the US and Germany, I have worked in Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and across borders online
  • Languages I work in: I work in English and German and speak French conversationally
  • A key characteristic: Continually learning and helping others to learn and connect

Lies Wouters, Business Development, Virtual Training Specialist

Lies is an organizational psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. She has worked as a commercial manager for many years in an international environment before she came in touch with psychology. Now she combines her experience having worked as a manager herself and her knowledge of positive psychology research to help organizations grow and flourish. Lies is a specialist in the virtual classroom and is a highly experienced online producer, designer and facilitator. She is interested in the diversity of projects by focusing on listening to what is not being said and getting to the point quickly. She always finds a positive side that helps her look at the next step.

  •  What my clients say about me: “She is pleasant to work with and had a lot of knowledge on what drives people”
  • My key strength: Listening to what is not being said and getting to the point quickly.
  • My favourite project: I can’t name a favourite, because it is the diversity in projects that I find most interesting
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Belgium, Spain, England, Netherlands
  • Languages I work in: Dutch, English, French, German
  • A key characteristic: I always find a positive side that helps me look at the next step

Christiane Butler, Producer

Christiane Butler is an explorer and researcher who is passionate about people, cultures, and processes, her intercultural foundation was laid in Spain and Mexico while working on her Bachelor's degree in International Business Management (Berlin School of Economics and Law). She is especially interested and engaged in women's issues, taking her to a development project in Addis Ababa with the Ethiopian Women's Exporters' Association (EWEA) for three months in 2016. 

The virtual world also presents communication challenges we need to better understand. In this vein, she coordinated and conducted the pilot focus group project on (online) privacy values across cultures for Reeves3c with a partner. She practices mindfulness and Personal Leadership. Always ready for new and exciting environments where she can learn new things, she is currently enjoying the challenge of doing her Master's degree in Global Development at the University of Copenhagen.

  • My key strength: Empathy.
  • My favourite project: Life.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Spain, Mexico, Ethiopia, Denmark, Tanzania and Germany
  • Languages I work in: German, English, Spanish.
  • A key characteristic: Being intellectually curious and always wanting to try out new things.

Jude Tavanyar, Facilitator

Jude Tavanyar is a communications specialist, ICF-certified coach and leadership trainer who has designed and delivered coaching and training programmes for senior leaders globally since 1987.  A freelance journalist and family psychotherapist by background, she worked as a communications executive to director level  in UK national organisations from 1984 to 1996 , including Terrence Higgins Trust, NACRO and National Health Service, leading geographically-spread teams in all aspects of external and internal communications.  Since 1998, Jude has worked with leaders in over 60 global companies, in 15 European countries, and in US, Africa and Asia.  She has been an Associate with Nomadic IBP since 2000, and with other global executive education agencies such as INSEAD and Centre for Creative Leadership since 1998.  She is the author of a book on health and social care (Thorsons, 1992) and writes on leadership, HR management and communications topics in national and international press since 1987. 

  • What my clients say about me: Jude is a true professional with excellent communication skills, insight and creativity, enabling her to meet diverse client needs and push for great results.
  • My key strength: An experienced eye for detail combined with creativity and versatility.
  • My favourite project: Designing and delivering a  leadership’coaching and training programme for Board members in a German organization at their Malaysian base, with participants from 5 different cultural backgrounds. 
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Lived in – France, Germany, Cyprus, England. Worked in –US ; Africa (Senegal, Cameroon) Asia (Singapore; Malaysia); Russia; 15 European countries.
  • Languages I work in: English and French
  • A key characteristic: Going the extra mile with humour and empathy.

Mara Garofalo, Facilitator

Specializes in executive coaching, management training and leadership development, and has clients based throughout Europe. Mara is of Italian origin, was raised in Argentina and has lived in France, Egypt, and Peru and has been living in Belgium for the last 17 years. Her diverse background and work experience provides her with great insight into cross-cultural understanding and communication.

  • What my clients say about me: She is great in putting people at ease and creating an environment of trust that enables great results’
  • My key strength: I am determined and flexible at the same time, but always focused on what the end result should be.
  • My favourite project: To accompany a person in a learning journey that will enable him or her to better respond to the environment and achieve his or her expectations comfortably. At the end of this process, the person is generally much more satisfied and willing to take on new challenges.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Born in Argentina, from an Italian background, I grew up in Argentina and Peru. Later, I lived and studied in Egypt, France, and finally got settled in Belgium where I have been based for the past 17 years.
  • Languages I work in: Given my background and life experience, I am able to work in four languages (Spanish, Italian, English and French) and have a good knowledge of Portuguese.

Isabelle Demangeat, Facilitator

Isabelle Demangeat is a senior consultant, trainer and coach for executives and international teams with over 20 years’ experience working for the corporate world. Already as a philology student, she exposed herself to the challenges of cross-cultural communication, commuting between France, Italy and Germany. She started her career focusing on topics like leadership, conflict resolution and assertiveness skills. She went on to facilitate organizational development processes. She worked in the German and the French speaking part of Switzerland for a manufacturing company. Then she was the Diversity Manager at Allianz Lebensversicherung in Germany before she founded her own consultancy. She specialized on global leadership and international talent development across borders. Using new technologies and online tools for a high quality communication became one of her passions.

  • What my clients say about me: Isabelle has an outstanding capability to understand her clients’ needs and to translate them into a clear path for their performance development.
  • My key strength: Listening and at the same time focused on concrete results, developing complex international teams and their leaders
  • My favourite project: Supporting the CEO and the management team of an European company in the change process of their worldwide development, with a special focus on India.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany - with recurrent stays in India for the last 10 years.
  • Languages I work in: French, Italian, German, and English.
  • A key characteristic: humor and courage to sense and point out blind spots.

George Quek, Facilitator

Since 2004, George has been providing facilitation, coaching and consulting solutions in leadership development, coaching/mentoring, change, influencing and conflict resolution. He is a Board Certified Coach and a Master Trainer for psychometric tools like the Workplace Big Five Profile, DISC, and Change/Influencing/Decision Style Indicator. Prior to this, George had over 15 years of senior leadership experience with various Fortune 500 and regional multi-national corporations. He is also the author of the book “Service Unusual” on service leadership that had been translated into 3 languages.

  • What my clients say about me: My value-add lies in my extensive first-hand line experience in leading teams and organizations. I can thus better relate to and understand leadership challenges faced by leaders. My mission is to accelerate the process for successful executives to master key leadership skills so they become excellent leaders.
  • My key strength: I believe in  the holistic approach of Heart, Head and Hand of human performance optimisation. ! support clients to become authentic leaders who possess, not only the right behaviours (Hand), but also aligned motives/beliefs/values (Heart) and awareness/knowledge (Head). 
  • My favourite project: Designing and delivering a blended solution that incorporated talent selection, assessment, development and succession planning for a couple of major Asian corporations.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: I am multi-cultural, having lived and worked in Singapore, U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. This is reflected in the multinational nature of his practice that involves travelling 70% of the time.
  • Languages I work in: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Thai.
  • A key characteristic: Insightful, courageous enough to challenge blind spots yet supportive enough to affirm/encourage.

Gerard Coops, Facilitator

Gerard Coops has a Ph.D. in physics. After finishing his studies, he worked as a researcher for Dutch-based TNO, the largest industrial research institute in Europe. He held several management positions including Director for a cluster of research institutes, and Director of Human Resources. Inspired by a leadership course he attended, he decided to make a significant career change and started his own company. He worked with a large number of multi-cultural teams of top- and mid-level managers and coached about 3000 of individuals throughout the world ever since 1993.

  • What my clients say about me: Gerard has been in the situations I am in. He is an exceptional professional who brings endless years of experience in and knowledge of executive & leadership development to the table. He is able to understand in a split-second a complex human-resource problem. Subsequently he is able to increase your insight in the situation and at the same time he offers you coaching to improve your behaviours.
  • My key strength: Being an executive coach who has experience in leadership and management positions himself.
  • My favourite projects: Are the combination between Personal, Team and Company challenges, which need my personal approach combined with business knowledge, creative and innovative, thinking.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Lived: In the Netherlands and France. Worked: all continents.
  • Languages I work in: Fluent: English and Dutch, conversational: German and French
  • A key characteristic: Out of the box thinking and creativity in combination with a tangible and personal approach.

Jacqui Craig, Facilitator

Jacqui Craig hasheld senior positions with Federal Express, ODI (Europe) and British Telecommunications. She is a facilitator, trainer, executive coach working with senior leaders. Jacqui is accredited in Emotional Intelligence, Hogan and is a Team Alchemy Master Facilitator. A member of EMCC, she is committed to the standards set by them. She works with a global client base that include the banking sector, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consulting and accountants, health care, telecommunications and transport , Her style is  energetic, fun, engaging and challenging. Focus is on achieving high performance, quick wins, results and sustainable behaviour change.

  • What my clients say about me: “Jacqui gives energy and creates a powerful learning atmosphere. She inspires activity and positive change with a good mixture of theory and experiential activity and with a motivational approach.
  • My key strength – Is to work with leaders and managers on the topics of personal self-knowledge and impact to help build networks and create professional relationships that support high performance and teamwork.  
  • My favorite project – Designed and currently delivering a Global Leadership Programme with seminars and training modules and linking the learning with global engagement and project team performance using web technology.
  • Countries I have worked in: Based in the UK I have worked and travelled globally delivering 21st century thinking in workshops for participants working with English as their 2nd language.
  • Languages I work in: English
  • A key characteristic: Linking Emotional Intelligent Leadership models with 21st century team performance. 

Jose Ferreira-Filho, Facilitator

José Ferreira-Filho comes from a Clinical Psychology background. As a consultant in Leadership Development Solutions and Executive Coach, he works in the areas of leadership development, team effectiveness, global and cross-cultural leadership, executive and career coaching. José’s experience comes from working with clients from a variety of industries including Financial, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, IT, Service Providers and Government organizations. He has delivered programs and worked with executives in South America, U.S., throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Previously, José worked with the Center for Creative Leadership for almost 10 years in several roles in their EMEA and APAC offices. 

  • What my clients say about me: Jose comes with a wealth of experience, especially in the areas of providing feedback, interpreting organizational dynamics and ensuring self awareness on the impacts that we make on others either knowingly or unknowingly. I found his questions stimulating and intellectually challenging. His calm style gave me an assurance to open up and discuss things in transparency.
  • My key strength: Creating a safe environment where people feel comfortable to challenge their mental models and stretch themselves.
  • My favourite project: Some work done in Africa where I was able to contribute to many layers of the population and help them finding their own alternatives.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore.
  • Languages I work in: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • A key characteristic: The ability to strike a balance between being thoughtful and giving, while still being patiently persistent in holding people accountable.

Julie Johnson, Facilitator

Since 1993, Julie has worked with a large number of multi-cultural teams and groups of top- and mid-level managers on key leadership challenges, and coached hundreds of individuals throughout the world.

  • What my clients say about me: Julie is a superb facilitator who has expert knowledge to share. She gets to the bottom of the issue quickly. Julie understands the business environment and challenges and is able to give detailed and robust feedback.
  • My key strength: My passion for my work – I am delighted to have found the profession of my dreams! I truly want to leave the world better off than I found it, and I believe that the work I do will help me achieve that goal.
  • My favourite project: Over a period of three-plus years, coaching 150+ senior managers from all over the world in a complex and multipartner leadership program. They work in a rough and tough industry, and frequently travel to and live in some of the most remote places on earth.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, United States.
  • Languages I work in: English and Dutch.
  • A key characteristic: Creativity, finding an approach for many different situations and challenges.

Marieke de Boer, Facilitator

Marieke de Boer coaches and trains executives, professionals and teams. As a drama teacher she has a well-trained eye for what happens on the spot and for non-verbal communication. She looks closely how individual - and group processes influence each other. She then supports clients to develop new insights, scenarios and solutions, building on their current strengths.Her clients can be found in the Airline, ICT, Insurance, Government, and Academic sectors. She also support coaches and trainers in their professional development. She recently developed a program on team coaching under the title ‘What really goes on in groups?’ as well as a training program in presentation skills delivered virtually. 

  • What my clients say about me: ‘Marieke’s ability to be playful and show deep insights at the same time got us to the next level.’
  • My key strength: Com/passionate about development of people and organizations
  • My favorite project: a program in Kenia in which the management and the staff found new ways to cooperate successfully
  • Countries I lived/worked in: I live in the Netherlands, I have worked in Germany, Kenia, Surinam, and USA
  • Languages I work in: English and Dutch
  • A key characteristic: Introducing unexpected & effective perspectives 

Nelke Galema, Facilitator

Nelke is specialised in leadership development and team facilitation in multinational organisations. She coaches individuals and teams in working effectively in today’s interdependent, fast changing globalized world. She has more than 20 years’ experience in working internationally. Nelke holds a Master in International Communication Strategies and is certified in numerous assessment instruments.

  • What my clients say about me: Nelke creates a safe and - at the same time - challenging environment for learning and reflection. She brings the best out of international teams and their leaders.
  • My key strength: Developing a platform for learning and development where constructive dialogues are facilitated and different perspectives are explored with an appreciative and systemic approach.
  • My favourite project: A coaching and training program for an international multidisciplinary (virtual) team facing the challenge of cooperating effectively across organizational, professional, linguistic and national boundaries.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: The Netherlands, France and the United States.
  • Languages I work in: Dutch, French, English fluently and German conversational.
  • A key characteristic: Dynamic and enthusiastic, both structured and flexible with a clear focus on the deliverables.

Skip Bowman, Facilitator

Skip is a management consultant and organizational psychologist originally from Australia, specializing in strategy development, leadership and executive coaching, change management and implementation, and learning and development. He combines a high degree of technical expertise with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, which makes sense to decision-makers and people who need things done sooner rather than later.

  • What my clients say about me: Inspiring, Provocative, Lots of energy, something different.
  • My key strength: Credibility.
  • My favourite project: The ones I’m doing right now. But honestly, I really enjoy getting to know people working in industries I don’t know. Currently, I’m learning lots about railways in Denmark.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Australia, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.
  • Languages I work in: English, Danish, Swedish.
  • A key characteristic: Courage.

Tao Yue, Facilitator

Tao Yue is an intercultural trainer specializing in improving organizational success in China. Active in the field for nearly 10 years, she has worked with companies such as Shell, Siemens, Bosch, L’Oreal and Air France KLM. She is also the Managing Editor at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Case Development Centre, and has worked as an International Programmes Manager at Leiden University, a journalist at Agence France Presse (Shanghai), and an editor at Bertelsmann China. Tao has a Master’s degree in social sciences (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam. She regularly publishes in Chinese and English. Her debut novel that explores reverse cultural shock and cultural belonging is expected to appear in Dutch (Schemering boven Shanghai) and English in 2015. 

  • What my clients say about me: Tao is a highly intelligent, sharply focused intercultural professional who alerts people to what they need to know about Chinese culture, creating a deeper understanding and commitment to intercultural cooperation.
  • My key strength: Help people understand China in a systematic way and help them "making contacts before making a contract".
  • My favourite project: Consecutive trainings over a two-year period to a multinational firm to help them resolve conflicts generated from global standardization and Chinese localization.
  • Countries I lived/worked in: China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, U.S.
  • Languages I work in: English, Chinese.
  • A key characteristic: Result driven, creative, flexible, and personable

Sarbari Dasgupta Gomes, Facilitator

Sarbari is an Organisation Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator and a Psychotherapist specialising in Leadership Development, Organisation Effectiveness and Facilitating Team Growth and Development. She has over 20 years of experience with the corporate world as well as with communities and groups. Sarbari has special interest in the Diversity and Inclusivity area and regularly works with her clients in working with gender, diversity and inclusivity in their organisations. Prior to this, Sarbari worked with ITC Limited, a multinational conglomerate, in the areas of marketing and distribution of retail finance products.

Sarbari is an Associate Coach of CCL and GP Strategies Group, and a Fellow of Sumedhas Academy For Human Context. She is also certified in over seven psychometric tools and their applicatioins like MBTI, FIRO-B, Workplace Big 5, Hogan Inventories, Existential Universe Mapper (EUM), etc.


  • What my clients say about me: Sarbari has the ability to bring great insights with empathy and effective listening
  • My key strengths: Understanding what the client needs, building an effective relationship and managing diversity
  • My favourite project: The most recent one being designing and successfully delivering an ongoing leadership development program for unprepared managers for an Indian conglomerate.
  • Countires I lived/worked in: India mainly but has also delivered program in Singapore and Srilanka.
  • Languages I work in: English, Hindi, Bengali but can manage conversations in some of the other regional languages.
  • A key characteristic: Finding a balance between being pragmatic (what works) and being optimistic (what can work for the future) and including/adding on to one’s own and others’ experiences, expertise and insights. She likes to collaborate and compete at the same time and build products and services along with others.

Sushil Jhangiani, Facilitator

Sushil Jhangiani is an MBA specializing in coaching senior corporate executives and facilitating the development of corporate leadership teams. He has over 25 years of business experience across countries and cultures, including 10 years of coaching and facilitation experience. Sushil has also worked as a marketing professional with global consumer marketing companies such as The Procter and Gamble Company and Reckitt Benckiser plc., across Asia, Europe and North America.


  • What my clients say about me: Sushil’s sessions are both engaging and insightful. He has powerful ways of getting his message across to his participants and coaches.
  • My key strength: Using my corporate and cross cultural experience to better understand client situations and thus deliver more effective interventions
  • My favourite project: Working with the management team of a client to define the purpose, immediate term business focus and desired culture for the organisation, and then coaching the organisation to implementation!
  • Countries I lived/worked in: India, UK, Czech Republic, France, USA, South Africa
  • Languages I work in: English
  • A key characteristic: Being able to speak honestly to coaches/ program participants and organisational stakeholders.

Masako Kato, Facilitator

Masako Kato is a cross-cultural trainer, coach and facilitator. She is an associate certified coach of the international coach federation and a certified facilitator of various leadership assessments and team culture diagnostic tools. She applies these tools, competencies and her corporate experiences to design and deliver the best possible programs for each client. She co-facilitates with other professionals when needed. Originally from Japan, she is specialized in effective cross-cultural collaboration including Japanese members. 


  • What my clients say about me: Masako is a very professional trainer. It is a joy to see her in front of a group. Her humor and very apt feeling for the group dynamics made her training very inspiring. 
  • My key strength: Analytical skills, endurance, resilience, positive thinking (see opportunities in any challenge)
  • My favorite project: Designing and delivering cross-cultural team and leadership coaching. It is my great pleasure to help clients see the impact of multiple layers of diversities on their perceptions and start constructive conversation to resolve conflicts and really working together for their common goals. 
  • Countries I lived/worked in: Japan, USA and the Netherlands
  • Languages I work in: English, Japanese and Dutch
  • Key characteristics: Humor, Empathetic, non-judgemental, client focus

Aliya Kusepgalieva

Executive Coach

I´m an executive coach and facilitator specialized in leadership development & personal effectiveness.

Andrew Miser

Executive Coach

Coaches executives in self-awareness, relationship development and leadership capacity.

Fernando Lanzer

Executive Coach

I specialise in Leadership Development, Transcultural Management and Organisational Culture.

Jussara Pereira de Souza

Executive Coach

I´m a coach and facilitator specialized in leadership & development as well as situations where culture plays a role.

Linda Blokland

Executive Coach

I am an executive coach with global experience and I draw from a background in psychology and human assessment. 

Martha Miser

Executive Coach

Martha is a consultant and coach who specializes in leadership and change for purpose-driven companies.

Martina Wolfowa

Executive Coach

I help companies and individuals with development.

Phil Donnison

Executive Coach

Psychologist working as a coach with high achievers in their chosen field.

Servaas van Beekum

Executive Coach

Senior executive coach and consultant, specializing in board room dynamics, both on a conscious and an unconscious level.

Susumu Araki

Executive Coach

Provide deep insights to focus on Being of clients, that is, values, beliefs and missions of the clients, based on long time executive experiences and also Zen meditation practices.

Polly Archer

Executive Coach

As a seasoned International Executive Coach and Leadership Team Facilitator who combines her extensive coaching & corporate experience with a passion for supporting and challenging her clients to fully ‘live’ their potential and expand their reach.

Inge Simons

Executive Coach

Inge is a seasoned executive coach who works with leaders and leadership teams at c-level through to generation Y across different industries and geographies.

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