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This has been a really excellent experience, and it has opened my eyes to the wonderful potential of this way of working. Training participant Our service: Train the Online Trainer - Virtual Facilitation Skills
Fantastic work, thank you. This is actually what we need. Figuring out what your group needs and adding value to their experience. Business school programme director Our service: Virtual Team Coaching
Strong analysis from the coach combined with suggestions based on vast experience. Manager at technical services company Our service: Executive Coaching
We had a very good experience during the training, my colleagues and myself are really happy with what we learned! Training participant, Global Reporting Initiative Our service: Leading Virtual Meetings
I came away much more confident and focused about my own improvement. University teacher, Istanbul Our service: Psychometric Assessments
Nomadic Meetings enables me to be professional, leading edge and client focussed. They bring ideas, new thinking and a total focus for making sure the experience is positive for all. I feel 100% assured of their service and professionalism. Sian Thomas - Performance Coach - UK Our service: Nomadic Meetings
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