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Virtual teams as a competitive advantage

Join us in our virtual classroom for 1 ½ hours with fellow HR professionals.

Why this forum?


"Less than 30% of multi-site teams are seen as successful"

This session is set up as an exchange for and of HR professionals. It is not a training session. The purpose is for you to share experiences and challenges with peers from other organisations.
Perhaps you are wondering about how to improve the performance of remote (project) teams in your organisation and would like to learn from fellow professionals?


"Companies primarily view virtual teaming as a way to cut travel and real estate costs, but innovative companies can leverage virtual teaming as a competitive advantage"

(Forrester Consulting)



  • Who’s in the virtual room – brief ‘tour de table’
  • Best practice: Guest speakers from large international companies
  • Sharing questions & practices in small groups
  • Plenary discussion
  • Closing



The HR forum is offered to contacts of Nomadic International Business Psychology on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 12 participants. There is no fee.

Monday 24 April 16.00 -17.30 CEST - Guest speaker: Daniel Donet: 'Experience of global project teams at W.L. Gore'
Monday 26 June from 16.00 -17.30 CEST Guest speaker: Thierry Hardy, Global Project Management Office, Bayer S.A.S.

Monday 18 September 16.00-17.30 CEST - Guest speaker: To be announced.

You are cordially invited to join 15 minutes early for a ‘virtual coffee’ to ensure optimal connectivity so that you are ready for active participation at 16.00 CET.

Enroll or get more info by sending an email to




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